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Using Bink Movies

Unreal Engine 3 supports playback of Bink movies within the game and directly within maps.   The Bink movie codec is available on all UE3 platforms.
For cut-scenes, simply play back the movie on a plane that is set to fill the screen.  For use within maps, such as video displays, video consoles or kiosks, apply the movie material to the staticmesh like you would any other static texture material.

Commercial Use

The Bink tools can be obtained from RAD Game Tools.  Commercial use of Bink in UE3 will require a license from RAD.

Movie Resolution

The movie file can be essentially any resolution, it does not have to be a power-of-two value like standard textures, and it can be virtually any aspect ratio.  For support of wide screen aspect, cut-scenes at an HD resolution of 1280×720 are common.  For in-map video displays, resolutions should not go above 256×256 for square aspect or 256×144 for wide screen due to the movie file size that is embedded into the map file.   Movies designed for in-map video displays can also be set to 15fps to reduce the total size of the movie.

Movie Specifications

Cut-scene movies are commonly 24-bit 1280×720 30fps with a data rate of 162500 and 16-bit mono or stereo audio.  A two minute movie at these specs is approximately 200MB in file size.

Scripted animation scenes (cut-scenes using the engine and kismet/scripting) that integrate high-quality in-map video displays or video consoles are commonly 24-bit 640×360 or 320×180 30fps with a data rate of 162500 and no audio (see Audio notes below).

In-map video displays are commonly 24-bit 256×144 15fps with a data rate of 162500 and no audio (see Audio notes below).  A 25 second 256×144 movie at these specs is approximately 4MB in file size.

Exporting Source Video

When exporting videos from editing software, they should be in an uncompressed .avi format, which is then compressed to Bink format by the RAD Game Tools.

Movie Audio

The Bink movie audio does not support occlusion, 3D placement, volume or radius. All mono or stereo audio sources will always play throughout the entire map.  This limits the movie audio to full-screen cut-scenes, essentially not usable for in-map video displays or video consoles.  There are no movie audio properties such as volume, so the audio level must be set within the Bink movie itself.

Importing into UnrealEd

When importing the movie into UnrealEd, I recommend a naming convention of MOV_<movie name>. The only import options are MovieStreamSource which supports MovieStream_Memory and MovieStream_File.  This is currently not implemented.
Once imported into the editor, the Generic Browser will show the animating movie, its asset name, resolution, video color depth, fps, and movie duration in seconds.

To apply this to surfaces or staticmeshes, a Material must be created using a TextureSampleParameterMovie expression connected to the Emissive node. A PhysMaterial can be set, such as Glass.  The LightingModel should be set to MLM_Unlit.  This results in a 3 instruction 1 texture Material.

Movie Properties

The Texture Viewer properties for a Bink movie include:

AddressX: should always be TA_Clamp
AddressY: should always be TA_Clamp
AutoPlay: determines if the movie plays immediately when loaded
Looping: determines if the movie will restart at the beginning when the end is reached

All movies are played back from MovieStream_Memory even though MovieStream_File is shown in the properties.  Attempting to change this property value will simply result in it flipping back to the default MovieStream_File.

Script functionality includes Play(), Pause (), and Stop ().

With permission, I am hosting this information for the UT 3 editor.  A big thanks to DGUnreal for allowing this useful information to live on.  I duplicated the tutorials as they were given to me.  There may be information that was going to be added by DGUnreal. But take this information on this page as completed.