UT 3 Tutorials


The following list are tutorials that I have found to help my mapping knowledge and skills.  If you know of any other level editing related tutorials or would like to submit a tutorial that I would host [credit will be given to the author], feel free to contact me.

Select the [author’s name] to go to the tutorial. Select a section title to return to the Table of Contents.  All tutorials are standard tutorials except Apophid 3D, which are video tutorials.  Any [author] with red text is currently not available.

3D Buzz Video Tutorials

If you don’t have the collector’s edition of the game, you can download the official 3D Buzz Video Tutorials from my site.

Table of Contents


  • Assorted
    • [KatsBits Getting past artists block]
    • [WOLD 8 Ways to Improve as an Artist/Designer]
    • [WOLD Few Things I Learned in the Last 4 Years…]
    • [WOLD Becoming a Level Designer and Env. Artist Part 1  WOLD Part 2]
  • Blocking Your Map [WOLD]
  • Concept Art [ConceptArtist.org]
  • Decision Making [WOLD Making Difficult Level Design Decisions]
  • Inspiration [WOLD]
  • Outlining Your Level [WOLD]
  • Planning Your Level [Alex G]
  • Productivity [WOLD Setting Deadlines] [WOLD Be Productive] [WOLD 60-60-30 Productivity] [WOLD Part Time Level Design]

Design Theory

The Editor

  • Browsers
    • Actor [UDN]
    • Generic [Waylon] [UDN]
    • Groups [Kantham] [UDN]
    • Level [UDN]
    • Scene Manager [UDN]
  • Overview [Apophis 3D] [UDN] [Waylon]
  • Packages [Waylon]
  • Play In Editor [DGUnreal] [UDN]
  • Prefabs [UDN]
  • Process
  • Cooking a PS3 copy [DGUnreal] [UDN]
  • Shortcuts [UDN]
  • Sub-Editors
    • AnimSet [UDN] [UDN Animation Compression]
    • AnimTree [UDN]
    • Curve Editor [UDN For Matinee & Cascade]
    • Material Instance Editor [UDN]
    • Physics Asset Tool [UDN]
    • Static Mesh [UDN]
    • Toolbar [UDN]
    • UI Editor [UDN] [UDN UI Style]
    • View Modes [UDN]

General Info


  • Geometry Mode [UDN]
  • General Info [UDN]
  • BSP Modes [Apophis 3D Additive] [Apophis 3D Subtractive]

Materials & Textures

Static Meshes







Kismet & Matinee

Particles [Cascade]

  • Attaching Emitters [Apophis 3D]
  • Distributions [UDN]
  • Editor [Hourences Basic]  [UDN Advanced] [UDN]
  • Examples [Apophis 3D Basic Fire] [Apophis 3D Adv Fire] [Musilowski Fire] [WOLD Simple Particle Effects]
  • SubUV Emiiters [UDN]

Game Modes

  • Bot Pathing [Neocane]
  • Darkmatch [Games Modding]
  • DM to Greed [Odedge]
  • Domination [Lord_Porksword]
  • Game Play Elements [Waylon]
  • Minimaps [Cr4zyB4st4rd]
  • Single Player
    • [qtechnl Basic Conversations]
    • [qtechnl Making Quests Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Multiple Quests]
    • [qtechnl Spawn a NPC for storytelling purposes]
    • [qtechnl Importing Images for UI Scene]
    • [qtechnl UI Scenes for a menu screen]
  • Warfare [Cr4zyB4st4rd] [Kantham]


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