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This page will deal with an open-source program called Blender.  I will be focusing on the newer version of the program here and keep my older Blender Portal (version 2.49) for the sake of reference.

While Blender can be used for modeling, animation, and even making games; I will focus on creating static meshes to be used in the Unreal Tournament 3 editor.  The same basic process can be used for the UDK editor as well.

This page will be a work in progress as my knowledge/understanding grows, so will the page and it’s information.  As always, feel free to help it grown my contacting me with useful links/info.

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Table of Contents

Getting Started

  • The official page of the Blender Foundation can be found here.
  • You can download the current official release here.
  • What is Blender?
  • The official manual can be found here.

UT 3 Specific

General Tutorials




Introduction Tutorials

Technique Tutorials

Project Tutorials

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