Sep 152010

This post servers 2 purposes.

First, to let everyone know that I have most of the UT 3 related pages converted.  The 2 remaining steps are to upload/configure the pictures for the individual tutorial and map pages.

I also need to figure out the whole permalink thing.  I would like to just have the name of the post in the link, but when I select the post to view it by itself, it gives me a 404 error page.  I presume I need to figure this out before I start linking to pages on my site?

Second, I just wanted to see what multiple posts looks like with the default theme.  I am having a hard time finding a theme I really like.  With my old web authoring program, I was able to do what I wanted, though I was limited in functionality.

So far with WordPress, I have more functionality, but I am sort of limited in what I can do with the visuals of the site.  With so many themes out there, I am sure I will find one that works “well enough”.  Time will tell.

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