Jul 152013

The UOF team pooled its efforts once again building maps with Low Poly in mind. These maps are the culmination of many months of intense work with a focus on custom content. We’re happy to share this work with the community on this our fourth map pack! We hope you enjoy our maps!

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Please visit the UOF or Epic thread for more information and download links.  Here is a preview of the maps.

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Feb 182012

Blender 2.62 has been released.  The most interesting aspect would be some improved UV tools, especially the improved stitch tool.  You can see the added features here and download it here.

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Jun 022011

Here is a few tips that may help you with your Blender project.

  1. If you are going to use the same materials/textures/images in multiple blend files, create a master materials blend file.
    1. Create a blend file with multiple plane meshes.
    2. For each mesh, create a material and add a texture/image as needed.
    3. Now you can link these materials in other blend files.
  2. If you are going to have multiple meshes and collision meshes in a single blend file, come up with an object naming structure to help keep things organized.
    1. Blender keeps the objects in your outliner organized by name.  You can give each mesh object a prefix such as “M-” or “Mesh-”.  For example “M-Stairs” or “Mesh-Stairs”.
  3. You can set your collision meshes (that use the prefix UCX_) to always render in wire frame.  This will be a quick visual indicator that it’s a collision mesh.
    1. Select the mesh.
    2. In the properties window, select the Object tab, expand the Display section.
    3. Select the drop down menu in the “Type” field and select Wire.
    4. Even if you select Solid or Texture in your 3D window, these will always show in wire frame.
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Sep 302010

The site is essentially restored back to it’s previous glory. I have removed the link and contents of the temp site. I hope you enjoy the new look and format of odedge.com. If you do find any problems, you can contact me and let me know.

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