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Dec 042012

Hello all…

I have been absent from the mapping and modding world for most this year for various reasons.  I have found my way back to a hobby I enjoy very much.  I have a few maps planned, which will include static meshes from Blender.

In the future, I plan on being more active in posting information and hope that it helps you enjoy your hobby of gaming and modding.

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Site Updates 08-November-2011

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Nov 082011

While I have added some links in the past weeks to mainly the Resources page, I haven’t created a post to let you know of the changes.  This post will get you up to speed.

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Hourences Tutorial Links Update

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Nov 282010

Hourences recently updated his site with a new look using WordPress.  I went through all of his tutorials and update the links in the UT 3 tutorial section.  If you find a broken link, let me know.

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Transfer Status #3

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Sep 192010

A week has gone by and now my theme is fairly dialed in [still need to do a little more tweaking].  The UT 3 Maps, UT 3 Tutorial list (in addition to all of the tutorials hosted here), and the Resources page are essentially done and operational.  Any downloads associated with these pages that are hosted here should also be working.  Let me know if you have any issues.

I do plan to have the site fully transferred by the end of September.  I need to get back to the “business” of mapping as well.

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Transfer Status #2

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Sep 182010

After many previews and a handful of installs, I have finally chosen my theme named Suffusion.  The one I was going to choose before this was pretty darn good for a free theme and it looked good, but compared to Suffusion, it lacks the ability to customize it with out being a php/css wizard.

Suffusion has almost too many options that you can choose  in the back end of WordPress.  I say almost because while there is a ton of options, they are fairly clear to understand, even for someone who is new to WP and customizing .css files.  So I give 2 thumbs up and while I am it, 8 more fingers, it’s that great of a theme!

That being said, I have my UT 3 map pages published and all of them have correct links (to the best of my knowledge) except for the Unofficial Greed Maps and the Unreal Old Friend Map Pack.  I will be uploading these files (there are many of them and the packs are fairly big), but they should be good to go by the end of this weekend.

I also hope to have all of the related UT 3 tutorial pages published with pictures in them as well.  Half of my time seems like I am trying to tweak the site’s theme, while the other half is actually spent transferring the content.

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Transfer Status #1

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Sep 152010

This post servers 2 purposes.

First, to let everyone know that I have most of the UT 3 related pages converted.  The 2 remaining steps are to upload/configure the pictures for the individual tutorial and map pages.

I also need to figure out the whole permalink thing.  I would like to just have the name of the post in the link, but when I select the post to view it by itself, it gives me a 404 error page.  I presume I need to figure this out before I start linking to pages on my site?

Second, I just wanted to see what multiple posts looks like with the default theme.  I am having a hard time finding a theme I really like.  With my old web authoring program, I was able to do what I wanted, though I was limited in functionality.

So far with WordPress, I have more functionality, but I am sort of limited in what I can do with the visuals of the site.  With so many themes out there, I am sure I will find one that works “well enough”.  Time will tell.

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Sep 132010

After a week of waiting, my domain name has been transferred and it’s time to start rebuilding the site.  The downloads may take a bit more time to upload (over 4 GB).

When the inspiration hits me, I will create posts related to mapping on the home page.

If you have any suggestions or comments on how to build a better site related to Unreal Level Design (UT 3 specifically), let me know.

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