2 New Blender To Unreal Tutorials

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Apr 152011

I have created 2 new tutorials for Blender 2.57.

One covers my basic settings.  Some of them related directly to UT 3 while others are what help me work better in Blender.

The other covers the basics of exporting meshes to either the UT 3 or UDK editor.  The UT 3 editor accepts the .ase file format while the UDK can accept the .ase or .fbx format.

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Blender 2.57 released!

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Apr 132011

Blender 2.57 has officially been released.  You can get an official overview here and download it here.

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Blender to Unreal FAQ

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Feb 262011

I am starting to get a better understanding of what you can do with Blender 2.5X and UT 3 [UDK too].   Keep in mind this is based on my current level of knowledge of Blender, creating static meshes, and the exporters that are available.  Feel free to let me know if any of the information is incorrect.

You can check out the Blender to Unreal FAQ here and see what my current understand is of the process.

I also hope to have the Blender and GIMP sections properly formatted by this weekend (with working links/anchors}.


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Blender Tutorial Page Started

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Feb 182011

I have the basic outline for the new Blender tutorial page.  This page will focus on the newer version, which is currently in beta.  The page will develop as my understanding of the program grows.  As always, feel free to contact me with information of sites or specific tutorials.

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