Blender 2.65 Released

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Dec 102012

Blender 2.65 has been released today.  The biggest change that would concern level designers/environmental artists may be the bevel tool.  You can read about it’s changes and other modeling tools here.  There were also 200+ bug fixes made as well to make it the most stable 2.6x release yet.  You can download the latest version here.

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Blender 2.62 Overview

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Feb 202012

Jonathan Williamson over at Blender Cookie has done a nice overview video on Blender 2.62.  Check it out here.  The UV tools, new Boolean library, and the Remesh modifier were the parts that interested me the most.

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UV Test Grid

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Feb 182012

I decided to make 2 UV Test Grids based on the stock Blender ones.  One is just contains blue and black squares (each square is 32×32 pixels).  These can be useful if you use “white grid lines” as the stock image seems to blend too well with them.

The other image replaces the little “+” marks with arrows, to help align the faces better.




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MCampagnini Export Script 1.41

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Dec 142011

MCampagnini has updated his script to version 1.41, which adds an export option to “that will toggle consistent normals”, which is the same as “recalculating normals” inside Blender.

Visit his exporter page and download away.

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Blender 2.61 Released

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Dec 142011

Blender 2.61 is now available to download.  You can see an overview of what’s been added, bug fixes and download.  While the additional features might not be that useful for those of us who create assets for our maps, it’s usually a good idea to update.  for those of you who create CG artwork strictly in Blender, some of the new features will really help, especially the Cycles render engine.


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Unreal Blenderhead Group

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Nov 162011

While replying to a thread in the Epic Forums, another forum member staid they used Blender and I though… “wouldn’t it be nice if we had a Blender/Unreal group so we can possibly help each other out a bit more?”.  So I went ahead and created the group at the Epic forums.

You can see the group’s page here.

It will focus on creating content in Blender and bringing into an Unreal editor (UT 3/UDK/GOW/etc).

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MCampagnini ASE Script Updated 1.40

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Oct 292011

MCampagnini updated his ASE script to support vertex painting which can be used to paint colors directly on the mesh.  These colors will be used by the UT 3/UDK editor to apply materials to.  The result is similar to painting terrain.  This is usually used for rocks, terrain, and caves.

Check out his Epic thread here or visit his site here.

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Blender Wiki Updated

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Sep 192011

The official Blender Wiki has had a major layout update which improves the ability to navigate it and find the information you need.  You can find the 2.5X starting point here and the wiki main page here.

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MCampagnini ASE Exporter v1.3.0

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Sep 062011

MCampagnini has update his ASE exporter to version 1.3.0.  It is should be fully compatible with Blender 2.59.  I have update my Blender to Unreal exporting page to reflect any changes.  You can watch video as well on his website.

I have used it with some of my existing models and have had solid results with it.

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