Jun 192011

Blender Cook created a 2 part video tutorial (Part 1 and Part 2) on how to create a lowpoly concrete barrier.

Part 1 covers creating the model in blender, then creating a UV map.

Part 2 covers taking the UV texture that was created in part 1 and importing it into Photoshop.  Once there, sample textures are used to create the diffuse/specular/bump maps.  The tutorial also shows how to continue creating the texture while in Blender.  It also covers creating materials that can be used only in Blender and how to setup the model to render.

I like the second tutorial as it was interesting how to create a texture from source photos and how you can alter your texture in Blender as well.

This is a great tutorial for those who are still learning the basics of Blender and those who want to get a better idea of the workflow.

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