MCampagnini ASE Exporter 1.1

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May 292011

MCampagnini has update his exporter to version 1.1 which fixes a couple of bugs and adds better support for assigning smoothing groups.  Check out the Epic thread or his site for more info.

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3D Buzz Blender Tutorials Drop 1

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May 062011

3D Buzz has released their first group of video tutorials available for everyone.  They cover the basic layout of Blender.  You can download them individually (.RAR file that contains a MP4 video).

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May 032011

My contribution to the UOF Map Pack 2, DeReZ & DeReZDE are now available for individual download.  Check out this page for more info.

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Smoothing Groups Explained

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Apr 272011

MCampagnini created a little explanation about smoothing groups and how they are calculated in his exporter.

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Blender Practice

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Apr 262011

The other day I was trying a few things and came up with these simple, but effect “techniques”.   Here is a picture of a simple floor tile mesh.  I created 1 square [64×64 units], then UV mapped it.  I then duplicated them over and over again until I had a 1024×1024 floor mesh.  The material shown is from a stock UT package, [Material’LT_Floors.BSP.Materials.M_LT_Floors_BSP_Organic05b_TileBreak_NoBump’]. Using the same 1024×1024 mesh and following this tutorial from Blender Nerd, I was able to create a simple normal map from a mesh.  This can be combined with a simple base stone/concrete texture/material in the editor for a custom material.  

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MCampagnini ASE Exporter

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Apr 262011

MCampagnini has basically finished the ASE exporter he was working on.  I updated my Blender to Unreal Exporting page with the latest information.  If you have found this exporter useful, please stop by and show your appreciation at the Epic thread or his website.

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Blender 2.57a Released.

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Apr 222011

There has been an update to Blender to fix various bugs.   You can download the new version here and read a list of fixes here.

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Blender To Unreal Page Udpated

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Apr 182011

I was browsing the Epic/UDK forms and fond out that MCampagnini updated Rich is Bored’s ASE script to offer better support with Blender 2.57 and the UDK/UT 3 editor.  I tested out most of the known features and have updated my Blender To Unreal page.  If you are an Epic forum member, please drop by and say a thank you or you can visit his site where he explains the updated script.

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2 New Blender To Unreal Tutorials

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Apr 152011

I have created 2 new tutorials for Blender 2.57. One covers my basic settings.  Some of them related directly to UT 3 while others are what help me work better in Blender. The other covers the basics of exporting meshes to either the UT 3 or UDK editor.  The UT 3 editor accepts the .ase file format while the UDK can accept the .ase or .fbx format.

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Blender 2.57 released!

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Apr 132011

Blender 2.57 has officially been released.  You can get an official overview here and download it here.

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