Final Transfer Status

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Sep 302010

The site is essentially restored back to it’s previous glory. I have removed the link and contents of the temp site. I hope you enjoy the new look and format of If you do find any problems, you can contact me and let me know.

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New UT 3 Tutorial: Rock Collision

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Sep 222010

Stevelois posted a new tutorial on how to create a custom blocking volume to smooth out your rocks that players can walk on.  Check it out.

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Does your RL environment influence your level design?

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Sep 202010

I was just walking back from the laundry room and I looked up above the roof line of the apartment building and noticed a nice light gray “height fog” in the background. Living around 5 miles from the beach, overcast/foggy weather is more common than not. I have always liked some height/distance fog in most levels as it gives the map a little more depth and atmosphere. Having lived “near” the beach most of my life, it makes me wonder if there is a connection? I tend to like industrial and “old wold” maps, both which are not common in Orange County (southern California). Do you think your real life surroundings influence your likes/dislikes in the maps you build or play?

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Transfer Status #2

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Sep 182010

After many previews and a handful of installs, I have finally chosen my theme named Suffusion.  The one I was going to choose before this was pretty darn good for a free theme and it looked good, but compared to Suffusion, it lacks the ability to customize it with out being a php/css wizard. Suffusion has almost too many options that you can choose  in the back end of WordPress.  I say almost because while there is a ton of options, they are fairly clear to understand, even for someone who is new to WP and customizing .css files.  So I give 2 thumbs up and while I am it, 8 more fingers, it’s that great of a theme! That being said, I have my UT 3 map pages published and all of them have correct links (to the best of my knowledge) except for the Unofficial Greed Maps and the Unreal Old Friend Map Pack.  I will be uploading these files (there are many of them and the packs are fairly big), but they should be good to go by the end of this weekend. I also hope to have all of the related UT 3 tutorial pages published with pictures in them as well.  Half of my time seems like I am trying to tweak the site’s theme, while the other half is actually spent transferring the content.

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