Blender Wiki Updated

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Sep 192011

The official Blender Wiki has had a major layout update which improves the ability to navigate it and find the information you need.  You can find the 2.5X starting point here and the wiki main page here.

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MCampagnini ASE Exporter v1.3.0

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Sep 062011

MCampagnini has update his ASE exporter to version 1.3.0.  It is should be fully compatible with Blender 2.59.  I have update my Blender to Unreal exporting page to reflect any changes.  You can watch video as well on his website. I have used it with some of my existing models and have had solid results with it.

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GIMP Tutorial Page Started

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Feb 152011

I started to create the basic outline and content of the GIMP tutorial page.  You can preview it, but remember it’s still very rough.  If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see on it, let me know.

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DM-Tudor WIP: Outlining the Process

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Feb 072011

Normally, I have a process when I build maps, but it’s not that structured.  In the spirit of this project, I will be using 3 “tuts” [01 02 03] from World of Level Design to guide me a bit more. Generating Ideas I have always liked the style of Tudor architecture, so that seemed like a logical choice because my interest in it will help keep me motivated.   Being a fan of “old world” maps also has been a favorite theme in UT maps as well as other games. I asked for books this past Christmas to help me to understand the style and received 2 of them (Tudor Houses Explained & Tudor Style), plus they were “free”.  This will help get specifics about what makes up a the style of architecture as well as some historical information. While the books will offer pictures, an image search will also be helpful as well. Planning out the Map Once I gather enough details about what will go in the map, I plan to do some sketching before getting into the editor.  Normally, I will just dive into the editor and see what happens.  But since I am basing this map on a known style, I need a bit more thought in the design/layout. One of WOLD tuts asks a bunch of question, which I will answer soon, once I get more information from my research. Constructing the Level While I usually follow the below process, I have found that if something specific motivates me while building the map, I focus on that.  That is as long as it doesn’t require me to do more work later on. Creating a BSP shell of the map is always a great place to start.  This will allow you to refine the layout/game play easily before you decorate it.  Inserting large static meshes can be helpful, if they effect the layout. I will then insert the major static meshes that will help determine the “space” and layout of the map.  I tend to like to do passes throughout the entire map rather than focusing on one specific area too much.  Others may like to finish a room completely before continuing.  Whatever works best for you, is what you should do. Next, will come the basic lighting pass which will help define a lot in the visual department.  Lighting, not only effects what the player can see, it also effects the “mood” of the map. Next will probably be adding the details (smaller static meshes, particles, sounds, etc). From here on, it’s jumping from section to section (either different places in the map or different assets) until the map is done. There will be additional steps that normally aren’t part of my process, creating static meshes and textures.  My current map has involved some custom textures (even if they are basic),  so I have grown a little familiar with that part of the custom asset process.

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“Cool Tools” from

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Dec 082010

Hourences has added a page for cool tools relating to the Unreal Editor and static mesh creation.  Check it out.

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Hourences Tutorial Links Update

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Nov 282010

Hourences recently updated his site with a new look using WordPress.  I went through all of his tutorials and update the links in the UT 3 tutorial section.  If you find a broken link, let me know.

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Nov 182010 is a nice site that has a wide variety of raw textures that with a little editing could be used in your next level.  Take a look.

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3DBuzz UT 3 Tutorials

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Oct 302010

3D Buzz Video Tutorials If you don’t have the collector’s edition of the game, you can download the official 3D Buzz Video Tutorials from File Planet. I have also uploaded them in 7 different files to my site. [Getting Started] [Intro To UnrealEd] [Kismet] [Materials] [Matinee] [Particles] [Level Construction]

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Free assets by Nobiax

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Oct 282010

Achenar over at the Unreal Old Friends forum informed me about a bunch of free assets available from Nobiax [Deviant Art member].  I have updated the Static Mesh and Texture sections of the Resources page with links to the many and great looking assets.  Remember to check which file formats are available and if they need to be converted.  Give him proper credit if you decide to use them in your next level.

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Site Update 21-October-2010

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Oct 212010

I just updated a few sections in the following pages: UT 3 tutorials Greed Scoring Kismet Sequence Udamage Status Kismet Sequence DM-UOF-Hidrotrik [Added links for Greed version of map] Resources page

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