Hourences Tutorial Links Update

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Nov 282010

Hourences recently updated his site with a new look using WordPress.  I went through all of his tutorials and update the links in the UT 3 tutorial section.  If you find a broken link, let me know.

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Nov 182010

PlainTextures.com is a nice site that has a wide variety of raw textures that with a little editing could be used in your next level.  Take a look.

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Free assets by Nobiax

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Oct 282010

Achenar over at the Unreal Old Friends forum informed me about a bunch of free assets available from Nobiax [Deviant Art member].  I have updated the Static Mesh and Texture sections of the Resources page with links to the many and great looking assets.  Remember to check which file formats are available and if they need to be converted.  Give him proper credit if you decide to use them in your next level.

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The Ball Released

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Oct 272010

“The Ball” game has been released on Steam.  It was created by Toltec Studios, which is lead by Hourences.  I have always been a fan of Hourences work.  He is a great level designer and has always been helpful to the community.  With his numerous tutorials and texture packs, he has given us amateur level designers a bit more knowledge and assets for our creations.

I will be buying the game in the near future to check out their great work and to support Hourences efforts.  Check out the Beyond Unreal’s review of the game for more info.

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Final Transfer Status

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Sep 302010

The site is essentially restored back to it’s previous glory. I have removed the link and contents of the temp site. I hope you enjoy the new look and format of odedge.com. If you do find any problems, you can contact me and let me know.

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New UT 3 Tutorial: Rock Collision

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Sep 222010

Stevelois posted a new tutorial on how to create a custom blocking volume to smooth out your rocks that players can walk on.  Check it out.

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Does your RL environment influence your level design?

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Sep 202010

I was just walking back from the laundry room and I looked up above the roof line of the apartment building and noticed a nice light gray “height fog” in the background. Living around 5 miles from the beach, overcast/foggy weather is more common than not.

I have always liked some height/distance fog in most levels as it gives the map a little more depth and atmosphere. Having lived “near” the beach most of my life, it makes me wonder if there is a connection? I tend to like industrial and “old wold” maps, both which are not common in Orange County (southern California).

Do you think your real life surroundings influence your likes/dislikes in the maps you build or play?

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Transfer Status #3

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Sep 192010

A week has gone by and now my theme is fairly dialed in [still need to do a little more tweaking].  The UT 3 Maps, UT 3 Tutorial list (in addition to all of the tutorials hosted here), and the Resources page are essentially done and operational.  Any downloads associated with these pages that are hosted here should also be working.  Let me know if you have any issues.

I do plan to have the site fully transferred by the end of September.  I need to get back to the “business” of mapping as well.

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