2 New Blender To Unreal Tutorials

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Apr 152011

I have created 2 new tutorials for Blender 2.57.

One covers my basic settings.  Some of them related directly to UT 3 while others are what help me work better in Blender.

The other covers the basics of exporting meshes to either the UT 3 or UDK editor.  The UT 3 editor accepts the .ase file format while the UDK can accept the .ase or .fbx format.

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Blender 2.57 released!

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Apr 132011

Blender 2.57 has officially been released.  You can get an official overview here and download it here.

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UOF Map Pack 2 released!

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Apr 012011

I am happy to announce that the UOF Map Pack 2 is finally ready to be played by the community.  We have been working on the maps since we released the first maps.  I hope you enjoy playing them.  Feel free to leave any feedback at the following forums [Beyond Unreal] [Epic] [UOF].  Enjoy!

Select the image to see the other maps.

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Blender to Unreal FAQ

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Feb 262011

I am starting to get a better understanding of what you can do with Blender 2.5X and UT 3 [UDK too].   Keep in mind this is based on my current level of knowledge of Blender, creating static meshes, and the exporters that are available.  Feel free to let me know if any of the information is incorrect.

You can check out the Blender to Unreal FAQ here and see what my current understand is of the process.

I also hope to have the Blender and GIMP sections properly formatted by this weekend (with working links/anchors}.


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Blender Tutorial Page Started

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Feb 182011

I have the basic outline for the new Blender tutorial page.  This page will focus on the newer version, which is currently in beta.  The page will develop as my understanding of the program grows.  As always, feel free to contact me with information of sites or specific tutorials.

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Gimp Tutorial Page Posted

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Feb 172011

I have added links to the GIMP tutorial page.  It’s complete enough to show to everyone and it will grow with time.  I have download more plug-ins and will check these out over time.  More tutorials will be added as well.

If you would like me to create a Beginner’s FAQ based on my knowledge, just ask me the questions.

Hope you find this section useful.

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GIMP Tutorial Page Started

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Feb 152011

I started to create the basic outline and content of the GIMP tutorial page.  You can preview it, but remember it’s still very rough.  If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see on it, let me know.

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DM-Tudor WIP: Outlining the Process

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Feb 072011

Normally, I have a process when I build maps, but it’s not that structured.  In the spirit of this project, I will be using 3 “tuts” [01 02 03] from World of Level Design to guide me a bit more.

Generating Ideas

  • I have always liked the style of Tudor architecture, so that seemed like a logical choice because my interest in it will help keep me motivated.   Being a fan of “old world” maps also has been a favorite theme in UT maps as well as other games.
  • I asked for books this past Christmas to help me to understand the style and received 2 of them (Tudor Houses Explained & Tudor Style), plus they were “free”.  This will help get specifics about what makes up a the style of architecture as well as some historical information.
  • While the books will offer pictures, an image search will also be helpful as well.

Planning out the Map

  • Once I gather enough details about what will go in the map, I plan to do some sketching before getting into the editor.  Normally, I will just dive into the editor and see what happens.  But since I am basing this map on a known style, I need a bit more thought in the design/layout.
  • One of WOLD tuts asks a bunch of question, which I will answer soon, once I get more information from my research.

Constructing the Level

  • While I usually follow the below process, I have found that if something specific motivates me while building the map, I focus on that.  That is as long as it doesn’t require me to do more work later on.
  • Creating a BSP shell of the map is always a great place to start.  This will allow you to refine the layout/game play easily before you decorate it.  Inserting large static meshes can be helpful, if they effect the layout.
  • I will then insert the major static meshes that will help determine the “space” and layout of the map.  I tend to like to do passes throughout the entire map rather than focusing on one specific area too much.  Others may like to finish a room completely before continuing.  Whatever works best for you, is what you should do.
  • Next, will come the basic lighting pass which will help define a lot in the visual department.  Lighting, not only effects what the player can see, it also effects the “mood” of the map.
  • Next will probably be adding the details (smaller static meshes, particles, sounds, etc).
  • From here on, it’s jumping from section to section (either different places in the map or different assets) until the map is done.
  • There will be additional steps that normally aren’t part of my process, creating static meshes and textures.  My current map has involved some custom textures (even if they are basic),  so I have grown a little familiar with that part of the custom asset process.
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DM-Tudor Work in Progress + Blender/GIMP sections

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Feb 012011

Hello all…

I am planning to create a new death match level that will have custom content created by myself (and possibly others).  I want this level to be “as close to a stock map” as I know how to make.

I will be documenting my progress from the very start to the end.  I will try to keep the updates relevant so they can be applied to any map.  This may help other map makers with their workflow.

I will also be creating a new Blender 2.5x section as well as a GIMP section as these will be the 2 programs that I will be using in addition to the editor.  I may also add a “camera to texture” section, if there is enough information on the web to support it.

I will try to update at least once a week, hopefully more.  I need to finish my current map, so I can start to focus on my new project.

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