Version: 1.0
Released: 15-December-2011
Compatibility: Cooked with patch 2.1
Game Modes: [Death Match, Team Death Match, & Duel] + [Greed] + [Domination]

Description: A temple that used to be at peace and harmony with its environment has been torn apart from it after a devastating earthquake. As it floats away from its home, a new home will be found filled with the cries of battle and explosions that can only be found in the Tournament.

These maps were originally released as part of the UOF Map Pack 3 DM & EG packs.

There are multiple versions of this map.  There are two DM versions (The original that was set in the daytime.  The other was set at night, but iwth a different weapon/health/power-up layout).  The greed version is essentially the night version, but changes made for the greed mode).  The domination is essentially the day version with changes made for the domination mode.

Download @ [Odedge.com] [PC Version 25.2 MB]
Download @ [Odedge.com] [PS3 Version 14.1 MB]

Deathmatch Night Edition
Download @ [Odedge.com] [PC Version 26.3 MB]
Download @ [Odedge.com] [PS3 Version 14.7 MB]

Download @ [Odedge.com] [PC Version 27.3 MB]
Download @ [Odedge.com] [PS3 Version 15.5 MB]

Download @ [Odedge.com] [PC Version 27.7 MB]
Download @ [Odedge.com] [PS3 Version16.1 MB]