UOF Map Pack 3


Version: 1.0
Released: 15-December-2011
Compatibility: Cooked with patch 2.1 [Some maps require the Titan pack]
Game Modes: [Death Match/TDM/Duel] &  [Capture the Flag, Domination, Greed]

Description: This pack was released as two packs.  The first pack has Deathmatch focus maps with a variety of play styles and visuals .  The second pack, we converted the DM maps to be played in varioug game modes.  We hope you enjoy playing the maps as much as we did creating them.

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Download DM Pack @ [Odedge.com] [Megashares] [UT Zone.de] [PC .rar version 229 MB]

Download DM Pack @ [Odedge.com] [Megashares] [PC .exe version 235 MB]

Download EG Pack @ [Odedge.com] [PC .exe version 334 MB]

Download EG Pack @ [Odedge.com] [PS3 .rar 344 MB]