Unofficial Greed Maps


Version: 1.0
Released: 27-June-2009 & 17-July-2009
Compatibility: Cooked with 2.1 patch [Some maps require the Titan Pack]
Game Modes: Greed

Description: These maps are converted from the 14 stock DM maps that came with the game and the 6 maps that came with the Titan pack.  There is one set of flag bases (conduits) that are placed in the same spot in a central location in each map.  Certain pickups have either been moved, changed, or deleted to work “better” for the Greed mode.
The maps were converted by Diesalot and myself.  The Demon Slick provided PS3 testing.

All links are .zip files from, except the map packs have a .rar link as well.

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Map Pack [Stock Maps .zip] [PC 538 MB] [PS3 344 MB]
Map Pack [Stock Maps .rar] [PC 538 MB]

Map Pack [Titan Maps .zip] [PC 190 MB] [PS3 127 MB]
Map Pack [Titan Maps .rar] [PC 177 MB]

Arsenal [PC 45.2 MB] [PS3 29.4 MB]

Biohazard [PC 28.9 MB] [PS3 19.1 MB]

Carbon Fire [PC 36.1 MB] [PS3 22.7 MB]

Darkmatch [PC 17.6 MB] [PS3 12.2 MB]

Deck [PC 37.2 MB] [PS3 22.9 MB]

Defiance [PC 39.8 MB] [PS3 24.8 MB]

Deimos [PC 45.7 MB] [PS3 30.7 MB]

Diesel [PC 38.4 MB] [PS3 24.7 MB]

Eden Inc [PC 39.2 MB] [PS3 27.4 MB]

Fearless [PC 28.1 MB] [PS3 16.4 MB]

Gateway [PC 44.6 MB] [PS3 29.2 MB]

Heat Ray [PC 39.5 MB] [PS3 24.5 MB]

Koos Barge [PC 30.4 MB]  [PS3 18.1 MB]

Morbias [PC 26.4 MB] [PS3 17.3 MB]

Ocean Relic [PC 35.6 MB] [PS3 23.4 MB]

Rising Sun [PC 36.9 MB] [PS3 22.9 MB]

Sanctuary [PC 45.4 MB] [PS3 30.7 MB]

Sentinel [PC 33.9 MB] [PS3 21.5 MB]

ShangriLa [PC 37.7 MB] [PS3 24.6 MB]

Turbine [PC 40.8 MB] [PS3 28.7 MB]