Version: 1.0
Released: 21-August-2010
Compatibility: Cooked with patch 2.1 [Titan Pack Not Required]
Game Modes: Greed
Game Modes: Death Match, Team Death Match, & Duel
Description: A remake of the classic arcade game Q*bert.

The Greed version is intended to be a “king of the hill” map, with flags located at the top. The players will teleport back to the map if they fall off, but will take damage once they they return.  The amount of damage will depend on how far you fell.  Skulls will be returned to to the map via the “Skull Relocator Device’ located towards the top of the map. The O*bert sign will change colors briefly after each team scores.

The DM version will not allow players to teleport back to the map, so watch your step around the edges of the map. The U-Damage and weapons that fall off the map will be returned visa the “Weapon Relocator Derivce” located towards the top of the map.  The O*bert sign will change to purple when the U-Damage is picked up and until it disappears.

Discussion @ [Epic forums]

Download @ [Odedge.com] [Map Raider] [PC Version 6.4 MB]
Download @ [Odedge.com] [PS3 Version 4.2 MB]

Download @ [Odedge.com] [Map Raider] [PC Version 5.1 MB]
Download @ [Odedge.com] [PS3 Version 3.5 MB]