Dyna & Anti2-Camper


Version: 1.0
Released: 3-July-2009
Compatibility: Cooked with patch 2.1 [Titan Pack Not Required]
Game Modes: Death Match, Team Death Match, & Duel

Description: These maps are an improved version over my first UT 3 map, DM-AntiCamper. I redid the lighting, added some more atmosphere, added a bit more z-axis fighting opportunities, and optimized the map.
DynaCamper’s inner walls will change color, which will also allow you to shoot through them for a limited time after the Udamage has been taken. There are also force field doors that can’t be shot through when closed, but the doors will open as you walk through them.
AntiCamper2’s inner walls will change color, but you still can’t shoot through them. There are also no doors. I created this version for those who might like the simplicity of the map, but wanted the improvements over the original.

Discussion @ [Epic Forums]

Download @ [Odedge.com] [PC Version 11.7 MB]
Download @ [Odedge.com] [PS3 Version 7.8 MB]

DM-AntiCamper 2
Download @ [Odedge.com] [PC Version 11.7 MB]
Download @ [Odedge.com] [PS3 Version 7.8 MB]

Download @ [Odedge.com] [PC Version 13.1 MB]

Greed-AntiCamper 2
Download @ [Odedge.com] [PC Version  13.1 MB]