Version: 1.0
Released: 1-April-2011
Compatibility: Cooked with patch 2.1 [Titan Pack Not Required]
Game Modes: Death Match, Team Death Match, & Duel

Description: An input/output tower that was never finished was converted for use in the tournament.  A new powerup noticication system was installed to test it’s effect on the outcome of the match.  Use it to your benefit!

Both maps share the same physical layout, but with different item/weapon placement.

The DeReZ version has a Tron inspired look and uses the berserk powerup.

The DeReZDE version has a more sci-fi look and uses the udamage powerup.


Download @ [] [PC Version 16.3 MB]
Download @ [] [PS3 Version 12.4 MB]


Download @ [] [PC Version 18.5 MB]
Download @ [] [PS3 Version 10.5 MB]

Download @ [] [PC Version 19.8 MB]
Download @ [] [PS3 Version 11.6 MB]