Shout Out


Version: 1.0

Released: December 2004

Compatibility: Raven Shield 1.60+

File Size: 2.05MB

Game Modes:
MP Survival
MP Team Survival
MP Team Terrorist Hunt (Athena Sword)
MP Capture the Enemy (Athena Sword)
MP Team Scattered Hunt (Athena Sword)
SP Story
SP Terrorist Hunt
SP Lone Wolf
Coop Mission
Coop Terrorist Hunt

Description: It’s a medium sized map with basically one level. It has multiple rooms connected by twisting hallways (which are slightly lower than the rooms). There is cover spread through out the map. The name of the map comes from all of the names in graffiti that are on the walls. These are players, mappers, and web admins that we have met and made the game better.

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