Shopping Spree


Version: 1.0

Released: October 2004

Compatibility: Raven Shield 1.56+

File Size: 3.52 MB

Game Modes:
All Raven Shield and Athena Sword (don’t need AS to play)

Description: A shopping center located in Brazil, just down the street from the Import-Export building.  It’s a large map containing lots of indoor areas (stores, hallways) for close quarters fun. There are some sniping opportunities in the streets that surround the center.  The map is fairly symmetrical, but has enough chances in the layout to keep this fresh.

While not a favorite in MP servers, it has found some homes in Coop servers. It also offers great SP opportunities with a lots of objectives to complete in the Story mode.  With full game mode support, there should be a mode that suits your needs.

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