H2 Oppression


Version: 1.0

Released: May 2005

Compatibility: Raven Shield 1.60+

File Size: 7.82 MB

Game Modes: All Raven Shield and Athena Sword (don’t need AS to play)

Description: A water treatment facility located in Hawaii.  It has 2 main buildings consisting of a treatment facility and an office, with third building housing a cafeteria.  The buildings are separated by a canal, which has several bridges.

It consists of mainly close quarters areas (rooms & hallways). There are enough medium sized areas (treatment building, cafeteria) with a few long sniping areas (parking lots, sidewalks).  There is a day and night time version for your lighting preferences. The day time version have some minor changes to give it a slightly different look.

Download @ [Odedge.com]